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The Giovanni restaurant and pizzeria is located in the heart of Prague, 40 metres from the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. Kožná street is one of the few streets characteristic of Old Prague.

It is a small place, with big tradition, hidden in an alleyway. It's hard to find but when you do - it's absolutely worth it.

The restaurant excels in its high quality food and unique atmosphere. The owner offers only original food prepared from Italian ingredients of the highest quality and because it is a family-led business, prices are very reasonable. The food is always fresh and prepared with love using family recipes.

Excellence on the plate

Giovanni Restaurants are combining traditional Italian and Czech aromas, offering top quality gastronomy experience in the heart of Prague. Apart from our exquisite food, what we serve to our guests are absolute dedication, high level service and wholesome gourmet pleasure.

The best of Italy and Czech, freshly served

With a tradition of a family led business of Italians living in Czech Republic, over the years, Giovanni restaurants established themselves as key gourmet spots in Prague.

They distinguished themselves as places that offer a domestic atmosphere of both Italian and Czech cuisine experience, guided by the highest gourmet standards.

Bon appétit and

Dobrou chuť!

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Original Italian food

Using family recipes

The pizza is the Real Deal, genuine Italian, because the dough is prepared according to a Neapolitan recipe from select flour and fresh mozzarella - so you can consider it as having been made in Italy!

The pasta is served ‘al dente' and fresh vegetables, fresh fish and the highest quality meat are all prepared using extra virgin olive oil as required by good old Italian tradition.

The wine list offers a comprehensive selection of wine from Italian regions as well as wine from the Czech Republic.

Our desserts are made using real traditional recipes and will satisfy even the most demanding of tongues.

Our menu

Genuine Italian Pizza, Pasta and Wine

Aromatic temples of exquisite gourmet service

Using family recipes

To meet the challenges of mass tourism that affected the quality of the food offer, our restaurants excel in its high quality food and unique atmosphere, serving only original food prepared from Italian and Czech ingredients of the highest quality.

Neapolitan dough, al dente pasta, comprehensive Italian wine selection and proper espresso, side by side with authentic goulash, ribs and world-famous Czech beer combine gourmet menus that consist of inherent parts of Italian and Czech cuisine.

Professionals who know how to cook a great business meal

Since our beginnings, we remain firmly dedicated to creating a unique gourmet experience in all our restaurants. Thus our meals come with the supporting atmosphere that allows guests to taste the true spirit of Italy and Czech Republic.


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